Whirlpool of Emotion Muriel Jane

ISBN: 9781608137145

Published: April 27th 2009


60 pages


Whirlpool of Emotion  by  Muriel Jane

Whirlpool of Emotion by Muriel Jane
April 27th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 60 pages | ISBN: 9781608137145 | 5.35 Mb

Rain falls down hitting the ground In the playground no children are found Listen very quietly a symphony will be heard Many beats natural beats, nothing sounding absurd Pinging and tinging the low notes too Music fills my head lifting my spirit when Iam blue Big drops and little ones coming in all sizes Rain first falls and then it rises Smells so fresh clean and new Cleanliness like morningas first dew Wiping the slate clean to begin once again Giving a new meaning every now and then Slowing to a stop the clouds start to part Sun shines brightly showing you its heart.

Through the many adventures that life has taken Muriel Jane on, it has inspired her to write this collection of poetry from her heart and soul in hopes of sharing her thoughts and words with many. Muriel Jane hopes to inspire others to go after their dreams no matter how big the obstacle(s) may be. Nothing is so great that it cannot be achieved. If you want something bad enough, know it is possible. This is Muriel Janeas second poetry book. She hopes many more will follow.

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