Cost of Freedom (Freedom Series, #1) Carol A. Spradling


Published: May 30th 2008


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Cost of Freedom (Freedom Series, #1)  by  Carol A. Spradling

Cost of Freedom (Freedom Series, #1) by Carol A. Spradling
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Abigail Matthews fate is decided the moment she pulls the trigger of the gun pointed at a British soldier. She is no longer seen as a devoted Loyalist to the Crown, but is marked as a traitor and faces a hangmans noose. Already treading on dangerous ground with military smugglers, lifetime friend and Patriot William Jackson helps her flee the patrol. She reluctantly joins him on his Sons of Liberty assignment to Berkshire.

They are soon embroiled in conspiracies involving hostile Loyalists and unstable Indian alliances. Abigail is forced to choose between her allegiance to Britain and her love for William. Her decision involves tremendous risks with an uncertain outcome, and she wonders if Williams dreams of a free nation are worth the cost. Cost of Freedom immerses the reader in the romance and intrigue of the rebel cause where capture means certain death ... even for a woman.

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