Somewhere in Her Enemys Kiss Val Dutton



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Somewhere in Her Enemys Kiss  by  Val Dutton

Somewhere in Her Enemys Kiss by Val Dutton
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Twenty-six-year-old Rikki Woodson pats her unruly curls into place, pushes a pair of broken sunglasses farther up her freckled nose and climbs into her red Mustang with her cat, Soot.This vulnerable, awkward beauty is intent on leaving behind the tragedies of her past and the fast-paced lifestyle of the D.C.-area, where shes lived the past several years. Shes claiming a fresh start in her hometown of Twin Lakes.Shes got it all worked out.

Her fiance, the handsome and successful medical lobbyist, Brad Dawson, will join her after wrapping up his work obligations in Washington. Theyre set to open a vintage store full of the treasures Rikki has collected through the years. Once the business is established, theyll get married and start a family.Its all coming together -- everything shes ever wanted: a sense of purpose, of belonging.Rikki has no idea what really awaits her in Twin Lakes.Tony DeSantis.Her best friends older brother and the hero of her childhood.The successful entrepreneur has recently opened a foundation protecting the public from exposure to medical contamination.

Or so shes heard from her best friend. Rikki has successfully managed to avoid Tony for more than a decade, after a humiliating experience at the local roller rink when she was 13 and he was 19 and on leave from the Army. That experience changed the course of Tonys life and he holds a grudge against her from that long-ago event. Thats readily apparent when she encounters him again at a dinner party. There could be no other reason for his dark hints that her fiance has an appalling secret.The bottom line is that she dislikes Tony as much as he dislikes her.So why do sparks fly whenever they get together?

And why does she suspect that Tony has a secret of his own? The future Rikki has always imagined is rapidly falling apart before its even realized. She is desperate to keep the dream from unraveling.Then comes the eventful night that shatters everything and Rikki suddenly understands that nothing is in her control. Including her love for the man shes now believes is her enemy. Tony DeSantis.

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